Welcome to my sales journal!
I mostly move (erm, lurk) in Pullip collecting circles, where my SN is Total_Disaster, hence the name for this store ^_^


September 20th: Due to various circumstances I will be closed for buisness until further notice. When I re-open there will however be a fairly large update on the figure front, so keep your eyes on this space!
Thank you!

*I will of course be finishing up outstanding trades, so don't worry folks, I won't be leaving anyone hanging ^__~ *


Not much in the way of feedback here yet, but you can check out my buying fb on ebay here, and some selling fb on DollyMarket here.
I also have some sellers fb on the MLPArena from my pony collecting days here.

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Please read first

Every sales page has that boring stuff you have to go through, and I know it's tedious, hence I'll make this as short as possible.

#1. I don't do bootlegs. (Unless they are hilarious/cute knock-off toys that make no effort whatsoever to try and connect itself to the original franchise. But I will not post these in the anime category since they do not qualify as anime-merch. They will be posted in Toys if I do ever have any for sale.)
#2. I always see things through to the end. If there are any problems, let me know, and I'll do what I can.

Rules for buying/trading:
  1. Please make sure you are aware of the fact that I live in SWEDEN, and that you would be willing to pay the shipping costs to or from here, because
  2. I CANNOT haggle on shipping prices. No way, no how. Please understand. Thank you.
  3. My ONLY method of sending/recieving payments is through Paypal. I do not charge any fees.
  4. I can hold things if anyone specifically asks for it for 1 WEEK, but no longer than that.
  5. If you contact me regarding an item, expressing sincere interest in it, I will by default put it on hold for you. If I however do not hear back from you or manage to get in touch with you within 48 hours after first contact, I will automatically assume you are no longer interested and take said item off of default hold.
  6. I leave feedback for all transactions I make, and I'm hoping you will do the same ^__^ If I for some reason have forgotten to leave you feedback, just let me know and I'll get to it asap!

Other Info
I have two cats, and cathair has a life of it's own. Please be aware of this if you are allergic! Thank you!


Noteworthy, methinks:

  • I'm ONLY looking for good condition used stuff, because if I could afford it new, I'd be on ebay or YJP right now.

  • Also, please note that this wishlist is here mainly for the purpose of trading, since I have a fairly limited monthly budget to work with >3> Thank's for understanding!

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